Small Heath Somali Community Organisation Ltd is a registered Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee Not-for-Profit committed to improving the life chances of refugees and migrants from the Horn of Africa and particularly from Somalia and Ethiopia.

Our aims include:

  • To provide advice, guidance and information on education, employment and social welfare issues
  • To improve the health and wellbeing of BME communities in general and women and children in particular, by reducing stress, isolation, and improving access to healthcare and support
  • To assist and empower BME communities through skill training, basic education and support to enter employment
  • To improve the dialogue between parents and local schools and help parents’ participation in school activities to support their child’s improved educational achievement
  • To encourage understanding and communication between Horn of Africa communities, the host society and local service providers thus facilitating appropriate community development services.

To achieve these aims we are delivering the following range of services:

  • Free advice, support and information on immigration, welfare rights and council services
  • Health promotion workshops
  • Outreach work with older people
  • Outreach work with young people
  • Support for offenders and their families/carers
  • After school club for primary and secondary age groups
  • Literacy and numeracy sessions in English and Somali for adults and teenagers.
  • Career and employment guidance and support
  • Holiday clubs for families and their children
  • Community research projects